As expert & scholar in Gender Studies, Feminine & Erotic Capital, FeMale Leadership, I give trainings and lectures in corporate about this topic, combining my academic background (Assistant Professor in Gender & Media) with my corporate experience. I chose an innovative approach that combines gender theory with body practice: implementing empowering gender principles into the body, via the dance, to create balance between feminine & masculine qualities and a mind-heart-body balance for a better leadership.

I also host various TV and radio programs about this topic. For instance for NTR De Nieuwe Maan, EO De Nieuwe Wereld, VPRO Metropolis, IKON De Nachtzoen, VPRO Tegenlicht, NTR TV Lab: Ontboezemingen, VPRO Holland Doc Beperkt Houdbaar, NTR De Halve Maan, VPRO Z.O.Z., NCRV De Verwondering, KRO De Wandeling, IKON Het Vermoeden.

I have been recognised with several awards during my career and I enjoy an extensive experience as a lecturer and Keynote Speaker & TedX Speaker about FeMale leadership & Feminine Capital.

The Dutch press has published in diverse magazines and newspapers a lot of interviews with, and articles about my vision on Gender Equality, the Feminine Face of Leadership, Women Empowerment, Feminine Capital and Divine9 Dance.

Approved photos

Kaouthar Darmoni swing set

Credit: Merlijn Doomernik

Kaouthar Darmoni dancing in blue dress

Credit: Aurélie Geurts

Kaouthar Darmoni at Attria library

Credit: Jaap Beyleveld

TEDx Talks


Cultural – Empowerment



Moord op vrouwen omdat ze vrouw zijn: murder of women because they are women. This video from the Dutch NOS news organisation explains why in several countries there are large scale protests against femicide. In the Netherlands a woman is murdered every eight days, but there is a lot less awareness of the concept of femicide.

Also read Kaouthar’s interview with Viva about Femicide.

Belly Dance Pacific for Women’s Rights

Kaouthar organized a protest in Amsterdam in 2013, to fight and dance for Women’s Rights everywhere.
There are no Human Rights without Women’s Rights 

Go here to watch the full version of the film about this protest.

YouTube channel

Kaouthar’s YouTube Channel is a showcase of the variety of Kaouthar’s work.
Among others it shows lessons, lectures, TEDx Talk, introductions into various parts of Kaouthar’s work, numerous TV programs Kaouthar participated in.
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Kaouthar’s YouTube channel
Kaouthar Darmoni on Ted Ex stage with picture of ipad

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