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What are cookies
Cookies are small pieces of text stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit this website.
These are used to help the website function, and give insight in how to the website is used.
The use of these cookies is safe, No personal information is stored.

What cookies are used
Functional cookies
These cookies are aids for the functioning of the website. Like session cookies, which are used to identify a visit belonging to the same user; no personal information is used for this.
Plugins of the platform may also store cookies, for instance to track that a user closed a popup, to not show it again for the set amount of time.

Analytical cookies
This website uses Google Analytics to give insight into how the website is used by visitors. This helps us to optimize the website if needed.

Social Media cookies
This website does not use social media cookies. All sharing options presented, do so without setting cookies of the different social media platforms

Marketing cookies
This website does not use marketing or advertisement cookies

There is always a possibility that are cookies set in a way we have not tracked, because of the way the internet works.
For instance by embedding elements from other parties. Most notably on this website videos from YouTube.
Because YouTube works with advertisements in videos, an embedded YouTube video could set marketing cookies.
We are looking into circumventing this.
If you find cookies used on this website, not listed, please let the webmaster know.

Browser settings
You can delete cookies from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer/Edge, etc).
You can also set your browser to not accept some or all cookies from this website. Note however, that we cannot guarantee a correctly functioning website.
How to change the settings of your browser, changes from browser to browser. Please check the help function of your browser.

This statement may change when needed.