Kaouthar Darmoni divine 9 dance therapy

If you were to die tomorrow, what kind of woman would you be today? What kind of female legacy would you leave behind?

Before reading further, take a moment and reflect on these questions (keep it light! It’s never too late!):

  • How much have you loved yourself as a woman?
  • How much did you express yourself freely and creatively as a woman?
  • What does your female body need in order to be healthy, sensual and free?
  • What are your shadows? Your unspoken demons?
  • What are your lights? Your uplifting angels?
  • Do you have women/heart-sisters who inspire you and nourish you?
  • What personal and professional adventures do you want to have as a woman?
  • What would make you think and feel: proud to be a woman!


For Whom

For women aiming to leave their past personae behind and design a ‘New Me’ by investing in their personal and professional leadership; and who look for a solid and practical concept from A to Z to step into their highest feminine powers.

A woman needs to learn to lead from the womb. To move our attention from the head to the belly, from the mind to the body.”


“Because the world needs, now, your feminine greatness!”

We are all fed up witnessing how womanhood and femininity is negatively overexposed in the mainstream media. Women should not stay biased because they have lived for too long overruled by patriarchal ideologies; that prevent them to achieve more economic and social benefits and to do more for the good of Mother Earth.

Most women are unaware of this because patriarchy has always taken steps to prevent women from exploiting their unique advantage, and to persuade women that their Feminine Capital is not half as valuable as they think.

To correct this total disbalance we women need to stand up, go out there and show the real story. It all comes down to activating the elements of the feminine which will result in more Female Empowerment and Divine Leadership.

The aim of this Divine Woman® Training is take you on a intense and fascinating journey where you can give birth to that amazing, feminine, sensual, wild and playful Goddess in You! For in every woman’s DNA there is a Goddess that wants to come out! Will you listen to her?

About Dr Kaouthar Darmoni

“I would believe only in a God that knows how to Dance.”

“I love helping women to glow & flow with their feminine treasures and reach the highest levels of Feminine Power & Leadership.” – Kaouthar

Being one of the world leaders of the contemporary Feminine Leadership, Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni has spent about 30 years researching, teaching and dancing this topic. She considers herself blessed to have learned the ancient Raqsat Al Ilahat (Dance of the Goddesses, Mesopotamia 4000 years old) from her female lineage in N-Africa.

The ancient vision of the earth as feminine — as a goddess— led her to recognize the connection between ecological damage and the oppression of the feminine in our societies. Much of her work since then has explored the question of the role of feminine leadership in our world, in an inclusive way, for the better good of all: women, men, all genders and the planet.

An avid traveller, Kaouthar has researched earth-based spirituality and goddess worship in different cultures on various continents. As a university scholar in Gender Studies and Leadership related issues, she further studied the enormous impact ancient ‘Goddess Dances’ can have on the female body and spirit; and eventually transformed this into a method that can be measured out and that is suitable to structure women’s modern lives.

The ancient vision of the earth as feminine — as a goddess— led her to recognize the connection between ecological damage and the oppression of the feminine in our societies. Much of her work since then has explored the question of the role of feminine leadership in our world, in an inclusive way, for the better good of all: women, men, all genders and the planet.


The training combines Kaouthar’s knowledge as a university scholar (gender studies and women’s empowerment), a trainer in psychosotamic dance, a corporate executive coach in Feminine Leadership, a Motivational speaker. All blended genially into a unique method, the Divine9 Dance®, effectively fusing coaching and dancing, amalgamating body and mind, soul and spirit.

This training is designed for women who are longing to dance the path of mystery and mastery, who desire to physically embody these dances to build their own spiral of growth from self-healing to self-empowerment and divine leadership.

In this training you will spark that miracle: you will discover how to exploit your Feminine Capital by learning:

  • Academic knowledge based on Gender Studies & Women Empowerment
  • Ancient movements from the rich Arabian & African dance traditions
  • Amazing Cabasa Vulva Dance® (4000 years old) combined with the modern pelvis physiotherapy
  • Divine 9 Emotions Map®, for an optimal emotional releasing & healing, based on psychosomatic therapy
  • Raqsat Al Ilahat, Goddesses Dance® based on 9 Goddesses archetypes to transform the ‘shadows’ into ‘lights’ (psychoanalysis)
  • Enneagram Dance® based on the 9 personality types of Enneagram
    Music Therapy
  • Choreography & improvisation

All sublimated in:

  • Physical training
  • Online training
  • Online course Introduction to the Art of Being Feminine
  • Online coaching
  • The Divine Woman® Encyclopedia: a practitioner book with Divine9 Dance® movements
  • The Cabasa Vulva Dance® manual
  • Music library

Power can be taken, but not given. And the process of the taking is empowerment in itself.

How will it benefit you?

This training helps you break away from old norms and patterns and adapt to a new way of thinking, feeling, moving, being as a woman. It provides you with tools to change your avatars to represent the feminine personality traits that you want to express at given moments.

The program stimulates your Intellectual Capital with empowering gender studies research and your Body Capital with the ancient wisdom of Raqsat Al Ilahat ® (Goddesses Dance). It will enhance your Emotional Capital with the Divine 9 Emotions Map® that works as an inner compass for releasing emotional tensions and transform them into emotional bliss. This tailored program boosts your Erotic Capital and increases your erotic intelligence to create a positive and sensual personality.

This training delivers practical tools and strategies on how to:

  • Create alignment between your head and your body
  • Develop a positive body image
  • Release stress, negative emotions, trauma
  • Raise your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Become assertive (without being aggressive)
  • Become resilient and have healthy boundaries
  • Stop pleasing and perfectionism
  • Be strong and soft at once
  • Transform your sensual & sexual energy into a creative force
  • Increase your charisma
  • Unleash your Erotic Capital
  • Become a rock-star in self-presentation

And much more…

The Training Curriculum

Module I – Heal the Woman in You

You explore here, in detail, the ancient dance movements (52) and their 9 basic human emotions, to transform the ‘low emotional vibrations’ (shame, guilt, sorrow, fear, anger…) into ‘high emotional vibrations’ (courage, acceptance, love, joy, ecstasy…)

In addition, you learn how to combine the Cabasa Vulva Dance® with the dance movements. This will help you tone your pelvic muscles and free the Life Force energy concentrated in your pelvis while spreading it through your whole body.

This foundation will give you a great ‘physical and emotional road map’ to help you on your feminine journey.

Module II – Empower the Woman in You

You integrate the physical and emotional wisdom you learned in Module I into the wisdom of the 9 Goddesses archetypes and the 9 enneagram personality types related to our feminine identity. The aim is to enable you to explore these individual archetypes with their variations and challenges, Lights and shadows, by using them as a successful guide in your transformative feminine journey.

Module III – Manifest The Divine Woman in You

You master the skills of the ‘Great Goddess’, the superior one who can surf with grace and sophistication on all the waves of daily emotions and situations, empowered by her goddesses archetypes and personality types. Here you transform mastery into magic by becoming the Divine Woman.


You become a certified practitioner and join the Global Feminine Capital & Divine9 Dance® Practitioners community. You become an inspirator, motivator and influencer, sharing The Art of Being Feminine with other women to help them on their journey of self-realization and self-empowerment.

The training uses the following methods:

The Divine 9 Emotions

Dance and free your Divine Body from body shame and toxic emotions such as fear, guilt, sorrow… and replace them by elevated emotions such as joy, passion, gratitude and ecstasy.

Learn how to dance the darkness of body shame away and toxic emotions related to self-sabotage, ‘I am not good enough’, imposter syndrome, insecurities. Practice powerful Fire Dances to turn the pain of body shame and negative emotions into ashes.

Dance and Navigate on the emotional storm with the Divine 9 Emotions until you reach joy, bliss and ecstasy with your body! Let go of your ‘Old Me’ and rise like a Phoenix Goddess with your ‘New Me’! Dance, shine and shout: Yes I am a woman! Proud of my Divine Body!

The 9 Goddesses Archetypes

Dancing the Goddesses explores ancient myths, revealing the personalities of 9 female archetypes to help women grow and understand their own emotional patterns, and to learn to balance and navigate the challenges of life, helping you:

  • Awaken and restore the natural power within you
  • Understand the principles of female power & expression
  • Enrich your personal relationships
  • Bring out your hidden qualities, and help you use them to your best advantage

By embracing the unique characteristics of the Goddesses Archetypes and the Divine Woman®-method you will be guided to grow to understand your inner beauty, strength, and wisdom, will blaze a path to freedom and wholeness. and rocket you to new leadership platforms.

The 9 Enneagram Personality Types

The Enneagram is a powerful tool for personal and collective transformation with each Enneagram type having a different pattern of thinking, feeling and acting that arises from a deeper inner motivation or worldview.

Dancing the Enneagram is an “inside dance” that begins with you determining your own type, and then exploring ever-deepening personal and/or professional development.

Extraordinarily precise, the Enneagram also helps you create healthier relationships and provides tools to work through conflicts. Integrating psychology, spirituality and somatics.

The Cabasa Vulva Dance

Cabasa (Arabic: grip) is an ancient practice by women dancing with their pelvic floor muscles (Mesopotamia 4000 years old). The purpose is to keep their pelvis healthy after the different physical changes and challenges that affect their pelvic floor muscles (menstruation, giving birth, menopause, …)

Today worldwide more than 38% of women (40 years old) have pelvic floor disorders, and that increases to 60% when women get older (incontinence, prolapse, constipation, overactive bladder, tearing or cutting, pain during sexual intercourse…)

Cabasa Vulva Dance® is a combination of the ancient knowledge Kaouthar inherited from her female ancestors in N-Africa and the modern knowledge she gathered by working with pelvis physiotherapists (KNGF, the Royal Association for Physiotherapists in the Netherlands). The Cabasa Vulva Dance® with its repertory of diverse vulva dances helps you first to identify and tone your pelvic muscles (perineum, vagina, urethra, clitoris). Second, you combine the Cabasa with the Vulva dance movements to erotically free the Divine Woman in You. This provides you with a greater vitality sensation as this energy will change from erogenous zones focus to a total body diffuse energy. This will give great benefits such as:

  • Make the vulva muscles strong and flexible.
  • Restore pelvic muscles tonicity (damaged after childbirth)
  • Improve control of urinary bladder.
  • Stimulate and lubricate the vagina naturally.
  • Increase the sensations.
  • Boost your sexual energy and sexual well-being.

What are you waiting for? Start now this fascinating journey and give birth to that amazing Divine Woman in you! For in every woman’s DNA there is a Goddess that wants to come out! 

Will you listen to her?

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The best decision in my life! What I especially like with this formula of one week-end every month, each time focused on a different archetype of Goddess, is that we really can go deeply, and then we have a month in between to experience the changes in our life, and continue to slowly integrating what we have done. This work helps me also a lot to anchor in my body and my feelings, in a way I had never experienced before. Kaouthar really gives us a toolbox to experience life better and better every day, and I discover each time how much she gives us and the deepness of the work we do with her. My life has already changed a lot since I started this training, I enjoy every part of this change and look forward to see and discover myself in the following months ! To all the goddesses who hesitate : just do it ! Dive in, you will be warmly welcomed and guided, with great love and care, on (I think) the most important path of your life =) !

Chloé Béguin / Geneva, Switzerland

I would love to meet you in person, so come and join me at one of my events! And if you cannot come to me, I will come to you in the comfort of you home: join my online education and let me help you to unleash that amazing women inside of you!


Kaouthar provides you with tools, knowledge and a generous approach to support you integrate feminine values in all that you do. Step up to the next level in the world, in your career and in your life!